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P. berghei ANKA
PlasmoGEM (Barseq) PlasmoGEM
P. falciparum 3D7
USF piggyBac screen (Insert. mut.) USF PiggyBac Screen

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Imaging data (from Malaria Metabolic Pathways)

Cellular distribution of Plasmodium FRSs (phenylalanine-tRNA synthetase). Localization and expression of cFRS subunits and aFRS is shown. (B) Pf FRS α subunit localization in ring stage parasites using anti-Pf αFRS antibody shows that the protein resides in the cytoplasm. Lower panel shows Pf FRS β subunit localization in gametocyte using anti-Pf βFRS antibody where this protein localizes to the cytoplasm. (C) aFRS localization in Pf D10 ACP cell line where it localizes to the apicoplast in all parasite blood stages. Upper panel demonstrates lack of signal within the infected parasites using pre-immune sera. Only data for shizont stages are shown here. The localization of aFRS in presence of Mitotracker in Pf 3D7 cell line suggests absence of aFRS from mitochondria. White scale bar in confocal figures corresponds to a size of 5 uM. Data show cytoplasmic localization of Pf cFRS α and β subunits in asexual and sexual blood stages of the parasite. Pf aFRS co-localized with the apicoplast GFP signal. Pf mFRS co-localized with the MitoTracker Red dye.Sharma A, Sharma A. Plasmodium falciparum mitochondria import tRNAs along with an active phenylalanyl-tRNA synthetase. Biochem J. 2014 Nov 13. [Epub ahead of print]

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PlasmoDB PKNH_0204000
GeneDB PKNH_0204000
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Previous ID(s) PK1_0765w, PKH_020370
Orthologs PBANKA_0203800 , PCHAS_0202200 , PF3D7_0109800 , PVP01_0205300 , PVX_081300 , PY17X_0205200
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