Disruptability [+]

Species Disruptability Reference Submitter
P. falciparum 3D7
USF piggyBac screen (Insert. mut.) USF PiggyBac Screen
P. berghei ANKA
RMgm-894 Imported from RMgmDB
P. berghei ANKA
PlasmoGEM (Barseq) PlasmoGEM

Mutant phenotypes [+]

Species Stage Phenotype Reference Submitter
P. berghei ANKA Asexual
Difference from wild-type
The generation of mutants with a disrupted gene indicate a non-essential role during asexual blood stage growth/multiplication.The gene deletion mutant has not been cloned and the phenotype of the gene deletion mutant has not been not analysed in detail (the growth rate has not been determined).
Imported from RMgmDB

More information

PlasmoDB PF3D7_0215900
GeneDB PF3D7_0215900
Malaria Metabolic Pathways Localisation images
Pathways mapped to
Previous ID(s) PF02_0150, PFB0725c
Orthologs PBANKA_0312600 , PCHAS_0314700 , PKNH_0405000 , PVP01_0409100 , PVX_002745 , PY17X_0313100
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