Disruptability [+]

Species Disruptability Reference Submitter
P. berghei ANKA
PlasmoGEM (Barseq) PlasmoGEM
P. falciparum 3D7
USF piggyBac screen (Insert. mut.) USF PiggyBac Screen

Mutant phenotypes [+]

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Imaging data (from Malaria Metabolic Pathways)

Immunofluorescence confocal microscopy. (B) shows MitoTracker Red signal (image 1), PfDnaJA fluorescence (image 2) and their overlap (image 3) in the trophozoite. Image 4 is the corresponding phase-contrast scan while image 5 is the overall merged image. (C) shows colocalization of GFP and PfDnaJA in the D10-ACPleader-GFP line. Parasite nuclei stained with DAPI (images 1 and 6), GFP (images 2 and 7), PfDnaJA (images 3 and 8) and their overlay (images 4 and 9) are shown. The PfDnaJA signal was specific to P. falciparum-infected cells and localized in extended organellar structures in the middle to late trophozoite stage. Distinct, non-overlapping signals were obtained for the mitochondrial marker (Mitotracker Red) and PfDnaJA indicating that PfDnaJA was not mitochondrial.Colocalization of the protein with apicoplast-targeted GFP in the P. falciparum D10 ACPL-GFP line (C). Imperfect overlap between signals for ACPLGFP and PfDnaJA was observed. This could be an indicator of the fact that PfDnaJA is not distributed throughout the organelle and may be restricted to specific regions of the apicoplast such as its genome.Kumar A, Tanveer A, Biswas S, Ram EV, Gupta A, Kumar B, Habib S. Nuclear-encoded DnaJ homologue of Plasmodium falciparum interacts with replication ori of the apicoplast genome. Mol Microbiol. 2010 75(4):942-56.

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