Disruptability [+]

Species Disruptability Reference Submitter
P. berghei ANKA
RMgm-543 Imported from RMgmDB
P. berghei ANKA
PlasmoGEM (Barseq) PlasmoGEM
P. falciparum 3D7
22127061 Theo Sanderson, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
P. falciparum 3D7
USF piggyBac screen (Insert. mut.) USF PiggyBac Screen

Mutant phenotypes [+]

Species Stage Phenotype Reference Submitter
P. falciparum 3D7 Asexual
Invasion defect
31075098 (Conditional)
Normal egress, calcium mobilisation, microneme discharge, and rhoptry secretion. AMA1 phosphorylation affected. Lethal.
Theo Sanderson, Google AI

Imaging data (from Malaria Metabolic Pathways)

Association between PfRab7 and PfPKA-C-HA in vivo is shown at a single stack of image acquisition. The distribution of PfRab7 (red) is revealed with a specific anti-peptide PfRab7 antibody and the distribution of PfPKA-C-HA (green) is revealed with anti-HA antibodies. The association between PfRab7 and PfPKA-C-HA is shown in white. The level of association between Rab7 and PfPKA-C-HA increases as the parasite develops into a multi-nucleated schizont (nuclei shown stained in blue with DAPI). One can observe a subset of PfRab7+ vesicles associated with a subset of PfPKA-C-HA+ structures. The ability of PfRab7 to bind PfPKA-C suggests that it acts somewhat like a PKA-anchor proteins (AKAP), recruiting PKA to early and late endosomes.Rached FB, Ndjembo-Ezougou C, Chandran S, Talabani H, Yera H, Dandavate V, Bourdoncle P, Meissner M, Tatu U, Langsley G. Construction of a Plasmodium falciparum Rab-interactome identifies CK1 and PKA as Rab-effector kinases in malaria parasites. Biol Cell. 2012 104(1):34-47.

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STAD-2 does not associate with PKA. (A) Late-stage iRBC were treated with 1 μM FITC-conjugated STAD-2 for 2 hours and probed for P. falciparum PKA-R. STAD-2 did not show clear colocalization with the regulatory subunit.Flaherty BR, Wang Y, Trope EC, Ho TG, Muralidharan V, Kennedy EJ, Peterson DS. The Stapled AKAP Disruptor Peptide STAD-2 Displays Antimalarial Activity through a PKA-Independent Mechanism. PLoS One. 2015 10(5):e0129239.

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PlasmoDB PKNH_0733500
GeneDB PKNH_0733500
Malaria Metabolic Pathways Localisation images
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Previous ID(s) PK9_3320w, PKH_073290
Orthologs PBANKA_0835600 , PCHAS_0835900 , PF3D7_0934800 , PVP01_0733500 , PVX_086975 , PY17X_0839000
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